5 Blunt Reasons Why Your Cannabis Business Isn’t Growing on Social Media (And How to Fix This)

By: Rachel Garland

Are you posting but wondering why your cannabis business isn’t growing on social media?

Marketing in the cannabis industry is not like other spaces. 

Sure, tried and true advertising principles like identifying your target audience and building genuine relationships still apply. 


When your business is banned from tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads…

Well, let’s just say things get a bit more complicated.

In this article, I break down five blunt reasons why your business is struggling on social and how you can fix this.

#1 You’re Not Clear On Your Vision 


Do you know how your cannabis business can reach your target audience?

Have a clear vision.

A lot of brands struggle to cultivate a loyal audience through social media because they lack direction. 

For example, many CBD companies say they are dedicated to helping others and sharing Cannabidiol education.

While that is a great starting point...

It is too generic.

What separates your brand from the pack? 

If you are not crystal clear on who you are, what you have to offer, and how you’re different from the rest…

How can you expect your audience to know?

This is why it is so important to develop a strong brand identity from the get-go. 

When you know the value you provide and can communicate that with your target audience, you will grow. 

#2 You’re Trying To Be Like Everyone Else 


If you want to build an influential cannabis brand…

Be original.

Too many brands get lost in the noise by trying to be like everyone else.

While it is one thing to be inspired…

It is another thing to be a copycat.

Mimicking another brand will not do any favors for your business.

Not only will people feel the difference and view your brand as a phony, they’re also not likely to convert into customers. 

If you want to experience real growth in your business from social media…

Focus on your brand’s unique identity and mission.

What value can you offer your target audience?

Whether it’s providing the latest industry updates or being the place for CBD education for moms…

Own your niche and stay focused.

The right people will pick up what you’re putting down.

#3 You’re Not Connecting With Your Audience


Do you know where a lot of cannabis brands mess up when it comes to social media?

They are focused more on growing their numbers than their relationships.

The blunt truth is, you don’t need hundreds and thousands of followers on social media to make money.

There are cannabis brands with less than 1,000 followers who are earning more than pages with 10,000 plus.


The brands who are really crushing it on social media build a loyal, targeted following.

They do not try to attract everyone.

They know who their audience is, they show up from them, and they continually provide them value.

In return, people support them.

Brands who struggle to grow on social media are often too broad in their approach.

As a result, what usually ends up happening is that their following grows but it does not convert because they are not really interested in what they have to offer.

The best way to avoid this?

Have a strong brand identity and understand exactly what you’re bringing to the table and why. 

#4 You’re Relying Too Much On Social Media 


This may seem contradictory…

But hear me out on this…

A lot of cannabis brands struggle to grow on social media because they’re too dependent on social media.

Wait, what?!?

If you want to grow your cannabis business through social, you need to diversify your approach.


Number one, don’t rely on a single social platform for growing your business

(Yes! I’m totally looking at you right now if you have your entire business only on Instagram)

And Number two: Promote your accounts outside of social media on places like your website, storefront, business cards, and email list.

Too many businesses make the mistake of either relying too much on social media or not promoting their handles anywhere else.

A solid online cannabis marketing strategy is comprehensive. 

Aim to stay active on at least three social media channels and promote your accounts wherever you advertise your business. 

#5 You’re Trying To Do It All Alone 


Do you know why a lot of CBD and cannabis businesses struggle so much when it comes to growing on social media…

While there’s some obvious factors at play like advertising restrictions and legalities…

The blunt truth is….

Most business owners do not have time to manage their social media accounts and run their business.

Because let’s be real here…

We have a lot of shit we’re dealing with.

The cannabis industry might be called the Green Rush…

But for those of us who are in the weeds know how much work goes on behind the scenes no one sees.

Not to mention…

To generate real results for your business requires more than posting, it also requires strategy.

Unless you have a background in social media marketing and can continually stay up-to-date on the latest best practices…

You’re better off bringing on help.

If you’re ready to stop guessing and start growing, let’s talk!

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