SEO Tips for CBD Businesses: 5 Ways to Rank Higher

By: Rachel Garland

If you want more people to know about your CBD business, you’ve come to the right place!

Improving your online visibility can seem like a challenging process.

Not only are there a lot of factors at play when it comes to how easy it is to find your company online…

You’re also operating in a highly regulated industry.

Which means it’s vital your SEO strategy is on point.

In this article, I break down five simple but powerful ways your CBD business can rank higher on search engines like Google. 

What is SEO?


What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of making your website as easy as possible to find online.

Essentially, SEO is what makes a CBD website appear on the first page of Google versus the last.

If you want to take advantage of FREE traffic, share CBD education, and draw more people to your website…

Then it’s vital to implement the right SEO strategy.

While search engine optimization is important for any business, it is even more crucial for CBD companies.

It is one of the few ways businesses can gain substantial traction online.

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of SEO for your CBD business, the time to start is NOW!

Just check out these simple Cannabidiol SEO tips you can begin implementing right away. 

1.) Establish a Strong Foundation 


The first step of SEO success is to establish a strong foundation.

Your website should be at the center of your strategy. 

Meaning, every page of your website is optimized for targeted search results.

This includes:

  • Homepage

  • About Page

  • FAQ Page

  • Blog Page + Individual Blogs 

  • Contact Page

The name of your page along with the meta description you provide plays a big role in how your website is ranked online. 

What’s a meta description?

It is the preview of information you see when searching for something online. 

This short but powerful text has a big influence on your SEO.

Optimize your meta descriptions for success by implementing relevant keywords with engaging text.

2.) Target the Right Keywords


How do you determine the best keywords for your CBD business?

Define your target audience and goals.

In order to rank higher on Google, you need a strategy. 

Just randomly selecting words is not a good plan.

You need to pinpoint the most competitive keywords for your business and focus on them.

For example, if you’re running a CBD beauty business, just going for the keyword CBD alone is not a wise move.


This keyword is highly competitive.

Therefore, it is going to be extremely difficult for a new or even an existing business to dominate this keyword.

What should you do instead?

Get more specific.

Let’s say your CBD beauty business is based in California. 

You might try focusing on the keyword - California CBD Beauty.

See where I’m going with this?

To select the best keywords for your business, direct your attention to the most popular terms and phrases your target audience is using that are relevant to your products or services. 

3.) Share High Quality Content 


In order to rank higher on Google, you need to consistently share valuable content such as blog posts or videos.

What’s the benefit of a blog for your CBD business?

Not only will you be overcoming the stigma through education…

You will also position your company as a trusted source on search engines.

One way Google determines whether a business is at the top or bottom of the search results is by perceived credibility.

Simply put, is your website reputable?

Consistently sharing helpful, original, and high quality content is key to building your reputation in the eyes of your customers and search engines.

Of course, the more content you create the better.

That being said, consistency is key.

It is better to have two amazing blog posts each month than five posts back to bath and then nothing for months.

Therefore, I recommend creating a blogging schedule and sticking to it. 

Whether you are writing the content yourself or working with a Cannabis Writer, planning your posts in advance will make your life easier. 

4.) Use Internal and External Links


Do you want to make your website as easy as possible for search engines to crawl through?

Include internal and external links in your blog posts.

And if you’re thinking right now what in the world am I talking about...

Don’t sweat it, I have you covered!

Internal links are pages within your website.

For example, let’s say you write a blog for your hemp CBD ecommerce business.

In this post, you might reference a specific product. 

When you link to that product on your blog, that’s an internal link.

An external link, on the other hand, is when an outside source links to your website.

To put this into perspective:

Let’s say an industry publication shares an online article about your business where they include a link to your website.

This is an external link.

Now, not all links are created equally.

A link from a high ranking source such as a top result on Google is going to have a bigger impact on your SEO than say a link from a relatively unknown blog, for example. 

Therefore, you can increase the amount of website traffic through external links from high ranking websites.

How do you get these sources to notice you?

Be a source of value and consistently share great content.

This creates more opportunity for other businesses, influencers, and publications to notice you and reference you. 

5.) Promote Your Content on Social Media 


You can have the best CBD blog in the world…

But if you don’t share your posts anywhere, how is anyone going to find you?

A strategic social media strategy is a key component to improving your SEO.

While social media does not have a direct impact on how search engines rank your website, it does play a significant indirect role.

Meaning, the more often you and others are sharing your content online, the more eyes that are going to see it.

Which means your website traffic will increase.

But that’s not all:

If your post is frequently shared on social media, you increase the likelihood of a popular source noticing and linking to your work.

Hence why having an effective social media plan and SEO strategy in place is so important.

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