Why Your CBD Facebook Ads Are Not Working (And What To Do Instead)


Have you tried running CBD Facebook Ads only to find out they were rejected?

You’re not alone.

Currently, Facebook is still preventing hemp CBD businesses from taking advantage of paid advertising opportunities.

Which makes it that much harder to promote your company online.


There are still ways to generate buzz for your CBD business that don’t involve giving Facebook more money.

If you want to know why your ads are being rejected and what you can do about it, keep reading. 

Why Are Your CBD Facebook Ads Not Working?


Why is Facebook restricting CBD and Hemp brands from using their ads platform?

You would think they would happily take your money, right?

Like most things regarding cannabis, it’s complicated.

Technically, Facebook does not mention CBD in their advertising policies.

That being said:

A spokesperson for Facebook told The Verge that ads mentioning CBD or hemp will not be approved.

Yikes! 😵

While some Cannabidiol companies have been able to get around this stipulation, the reality is that Facebook is not welcoming to CBD businesses.

In fact, company pages are being targeted and shut down without warning. 🚫

Add in that the legal status of CBD is still complex…

Trying to recover a deleted Cannabidiol Facebook page is pretty much a lost cause.

But that’s not all:

Promoting certain hemp products gets even trickier.

Watch Out When Promoting Hemp Flower on Your Facebook Page 


Did you know advertising hemp flower can lead Facebook to deleting your page?

Frustrating but true. 😑

At the moment, it appears that trying to promote hemp flower is a big no no on Facebook.

In fact, CBD Facebook pages are being deleted left and right because of this.

Why? 🤷‍♀️

Again, the platform has had no “official” stance on CBD.


Facebook has made it clear it doesn’t support cannabis advertising.

Because hemp flower closely resembles cannabis flower... 🌺

Facebook doesn’t when to take any chances when it comes to helping you sell flower of any type on their platform.

With that in mind, I would highly recommend NOT putting prices of your hemp flower on Facebook.

In addition, DO NOT attempt to boost your post.

Doing so could delete your account.

It’s not worth losing months or even years of work.

And at this point you might be wondering...

Well, what in the world am I supposed to do then? 😕

Certainly Facebook’s stance on CBD makes advertising your business on their platform much more difficult.

While you might be tempted to just count the whole thing as a loss and forget about having a presence there...

Even without ads, CBD businesses are producing BIG results from Facebook. 💸

As in, they are generating thousands of dollars in revenue without spending a dime on ads.

How is this possible? 🤯

Sponsored content, while highly effective, is only one way to grow your company on Facebook.

The right organic marketing techniques can take your CBD brand to new heights.

How to Overcome CBD Facebook Advertising Restrictions 


If you want to gain traction on Facebook without paying to play…

You’re going to need to be strategic and creative.

While organic reach is falling, it is still present. 🍂

Experiencing real results from Facebook all comes down to showcasing how you’re different from the rest and getting your brand in front of your target audience.

After all, you don’t have to reach millions of people on Facebook in order to start making more money. 🔍

Rather, you need to reach the right people.

I want to share with you some actionable ways your CBD business can start growing on Facebook.

Post A Minimum of Once Per Day On Your CBD Facebook Page


Do you know the number one way you can build your CBD Facebook page?

Share high quality content.

As in, original, valuable, and relevant information catered towards your target audience.

A lot of CBD businesses mess up by only posting shared content.

While reposting content on your page will help you grow… 🌱

You also need to bring something to the table.

How else is your brand going to stand out if you look like everyone else?

Get people to notice you by surprising them. 

Whether it’s an educational video or a funny graphic, create shareable content.

Generating buzz for your business requires attention. 🐝

Each post you share is an opportunity for connection.

The more content you’re sharing, the more connections you’re making. 🤝

When people know, like, and trust you…

They are more likely to purchase from you.

Therefore, plan on posting at least one piece of original content (blog, meme, video, graphic, quote, story, etc.) per day on Facebook.

Invite People to Like Your CBD Facebook Page


It sounds simple but it works. 

Grow your CBD company on Facebook by inviting people to like your page. 👍

And I’m not just talking about your friends and family here.

Whenever someone interacts with your page, whether by liking or commenting on a post, you can actually invite them to like your page.

Why is this important?

The more someone sees your brand, the more you are on their mind. 🧠

When someone likes your page…

They are much more likely to see, interact with, and share your content.

Run A CBD Facebook Contest Or Giveaway


One powerful way to grow your CBD Facebook page without paying for ads is running a contest or giveaway.

Who doesn’t love getting something for free? 🎁

In order to make this worthwhile for your business, though, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Create some requirements to enter the giveaway. 📝

Ideally, people should like your page, share the post, and tag at least one friend.


You want to create awareness for your contest while also offering an incentive. 📣

Someone is more likely to follow your page when you’re providing something of value.

A contest or giveaway is a fun way to spread the buzz and build your fanbase.

Invest In CBD Influencer Marketing


Skyrocket your reach by working with cannabis influencers.

When you’re unable to pay to play on Facebook, you can instantly reach more people by featuring your brand on popular channels. 💞

Cannabis influencer marketing is hands down one of the most powerful ways to promote your business.

As a matter of fact, I actually wrote a whole guide about it. ✍️

See Here: The Ultimate Cannabis Influencer Marketing Guide 

Working with influencers provides your brand the opportunity to reach targeted audiences outside of Facebook’s internal advertising platform.

AKA PUT Your CBD Brand On Blast! 🚀🌿

By selecting the right influencers, you can actually gain more traction than by simply boosting a post.

In order for influencer marketing to produce BIG RESULTS you need a solid strategy, clear goals, and a great product or service.

If you’re interested in working with cannabis influencers but don’t have time…

Let’s talk! ☎️

I’ll help your CBD brand connect with targeted influencers to grow your impact and income online. 

Learn More About My CBD Influencer Marketing Services Here

A great campaign can take your brand from unknown to influential.

Add A Facebook Like Button To Your CBD Website 


Are you promoting your Facebook page on your website?

Don’t let an opportunity pass you by! 🍃

When someone visits your website, make it easy for them to stay in contact with you.

I recommend adding Facebook like buttons on your website. 

That way, whether someone shares one of your blog posts or simply checks out your site, they can also follow you on Facebook. 💙

After all, the more someone is seeing your brand, the more likely they are to support you.

Utilize Facebook Live for Exclusive CBD Experiences 


Whether you’re hosting an event in-store or simply sharing helpful information from the comfort of your own home…

Facebook live can bring your brand to life! 🎤

By showcasing your unique personality, you’ll stand out from the pack while also building a deeper connection with your audience.

While it can be intimidating to get on video, the results speak for themselves.

It is estimated that over 100 million hours of video are watched per day on Facebook alone. 📹


If that wasn’t convincing enough…

Companies using video marketing are said to grow their revenue 49% FASTER than brands who are not. 📈

Hence why doubling down on video is so important for CBD companies.

Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

It just needs to be genuine and helpful. 💚

Consider creating a weekly or monthly video series for your Facebook audience.

Not only are your biggest fans going to look forward to tuning in…🤩

You’re also likely to attract more people to your page, and therefore, your brand.

Always Keep Experimenting 


These are just a few ways to grow your CBD business on Facebook.

If there is one thing you need to remember:

Always Keep Experimenting!

The CBD world, as we know, is constantly evolving. ♻️

Facebook’s policy today could change six months from now, a year from now, or even five years from now.

All we can do is the best we can with what we have.

For every challenge, there is also opportunity. 💎

Point being:


With the right strategy and mindset you can grow your business.

If you need some help along the way… 🌿

Especially when it comes to building your CBD Facebook page or other social media channels…

Let’s connect! 💁📱

Since 2016, I’ve been working with CBD companies to overcome advertising restrictions to grow their impact, influence, and income online.


If you found this article helpful, let me know in the comments below!